Missions Report for 2014

Camp Meeting for The Bride of Christ!

Bible TabernBroJoeacle Church has been a mission minded church since its inception in the early 1960’s. Bro Henry Greene, our founding pastor traveled overseas beginning even before Bible Tabernacle Church came into existence. The first missionary trip was to the island of Jamaica in 1960 and from that very first trip there developed a love for the people of God in the third world countries. This love was further enhanced by a prophecy to Bro Greene that his ministry would reach many black and dark skinned peoples with the gospel of Jesus Christ!

From this love for missionary work and love for the poor and underprivileged peoples that Bro Greene became acquainted with, came for the vision for an annual Missionary Camp Meeting in which the ministers and congregations of churches of like vision could come together and by pooling resources could be a blessing to these believers in the third world countries. Thusly, in 1973 the 1st Annual Missionary Camp Meeting for the Bride of Jesus Christ was held. This first meeting set forth the vision into reality of being able to collect funds and spread them around to known needs in the foreign fields.

The meetings also were also designed with a desire to promote fellowship among the ministry and the believers from all over. It was in that thought that Bro Greene moved the meeting to a Tuesday through Friday format. This format allowed pastors to be at their posts on Sunday and be able to travel on Monday to the meetings. With the meetings ending on Friday, they were able to be back at their posts on the following Sunday.

The funds raised in the Camp Meetings have been used to build churches, complete churches, buy lanterns and generators, bicycles, motorcycles, automobiles and print stations, print Seal Books, Church Age books in different languages and other things to help promote the Gospel of Jesus Christ and the Message of the Hour! It has not been Bible Tabernacle Church alone, but many churches coming together with a common goal and desire to bless the Bride of Christ around the world!

God bless you!

Bible Tabernacle Church




Taytay Church Brother Roel Soriano


Cebu Island Brother Pete Quinagan


Salay, Isabela Brother Mel Calimag


Van for Mission in General Santos Brother Sammy Durano


Brother Joe Green Speaking at the Manila Monthly Meeting held at Quiapo Church hosted by Brother Nestor Spanola


Binan, Laguna Church Brother Jhun Esguerra (The camp assisted on the downpayment to purchase the property.)


Brother Adlai Gentolizo (The camp assisted on the ceiling & electric installation.) Samperuhan, Laguna Church


If we can not go, let us send someone

“It’s been a great honor and a blessed privileged to work with the faithfull Ministers of the End time Gospel Where the principle of ‘ Just to be a Blessing ’ is a reality ”

nato subido

San Carlos Pangasinan Brother Nato Subido


Palawan Laltop & Digital Projector Evangelits Lito Solo


Compostela Valley (The of the church is now complete.)


Tala Church Brother Danny del Mundo



MATTHEW 5:45, “That ye may be the children of your Father which is in heaven: for He maketh His sun to rise on the evil and on the good, and sendeth rain on the just and on the unjust.”

Like what have happened in the Philippines on Nov. 8, 2013 where super typhoon “Yolanda’’, internationally known as “Haiyan” hit the southern part of the country destroying properties, structures and claiming thousands of lives… young and old. The disaster did not spare even the faithful Message believers in the provinces of Samar, Leyte, Cebu, Panay islands. Hundreds of houses if not wiped out have been damaged and dozens of church buildings have been flattened to the grounds if not partially trodden down.

Indeed, this disastrous calamity is incomprehensible, but it happened. However, the Bride always rise to the challenge for God’s glory. And in the midst of all these tragedies, we have a reason to rejoice as the Lord never runs out of proof that He is in the midst of His people: Hallelujah!

Brother Buboy Africa, pastor in Tacloban, testified, “We saw the water from the ocean coming….. The night prior to the typhoon’s landfall, we heard over the radio that a super typhoon is coming our way. Realizing the strength of the On Coming Storm, I was urged to invite my flock to stay in our church, I called every head of the family to come together and in less than an hour, one family after another came over (20 families or at least 70 people). Altogether, we prayed, worshipped, praised the Lord and I did an exhortation.

Before daylight, the wind started to blow hard…. harder and harder with a monstrous sound. I have never experienced a typhoon in my life as strong as this one. The walls of our church were haking, the Roof above us started to flap and eventually being pulled out of their braces and the windows started to break as the believers started to come closer together…. Suddenly, a very strong wind slammed the door open. We heard shoutings, cryings and terrifying sounds of collapsing structures are heard all over caused by the Storm Surge. The ocean water was being pushed by the strong winds away from the shore forming a mountainous wave and with such heaviness, it rolled towards the city. Finally, the roof above us were being rolled like a sheet of paper and it just flew away and we literally saw the ocean water coming towards us but by the grace of God, I could not explain until now how: the water came around us….. sparing 70 lives inside His Tabernacle. The storm unroofed and destroyed major portion of our church building but the believers inside it were safe in the strong arms of the Lord. Then, with barely 10-15 minutes gap between the next storm surge, we were able to move together to the evacuation area. Indeed, He is our refuge.”


Brother W.M. Branham said in Smyrnaean Church Age, “The cloudy skies and storms of life are no signs of God’s disapproval. Neither are bright skies and still waters signs of His love and approval. His approval of any of us is only IN THE BELOVED. His love is elective which He had for us before the foundation of the world.”


In a Muslim country like Indonesia with about 240 million population of which 90% is Muslim, it’s not that easy to build a Christian church building.

By God’s grace, a flock of faithful believers in Belawan after years of ceaseless prayers and fastings, God made a way to open up opportunity to build one.

Brother Mahanaim Sipayung, the pastor of the said church, had a deep burden of building a church to accommodate his fast growing congregation. To start with, he sold a piece of property to start laying the foundation. With the meager amount that the believers could contribute and with the skilled brethren who are willing to sacrifice working extra time after their daily jobs, the church structure started to shape up. Then everything was by faith.

Today, in the same spot where the old building made of light materials stood… a huge building now rises to accommodate more than a hundred strong believers. We are blessed that on top of the local believers’ participation and the concerned brethren who also got involved with this project, we were also able to do our share of assisting at least $5,000 for this endeavor. To God be the glory!




“….. You’re responsible, just as I am responsible. We’re all responsible. We’re responsible for the death of Jesus Christ, every one of us, until we’ve accepted Him as personal Saviour, then work for Him with all of our heart. If God has given us something to do, we fail to do it, then God will require it at the end of the day.”

William Marrion Branham

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