Bible Tabernacle Church was founded in the early 1960’s by Rev Henry Greene. He, along with a few faithful men, built the first church building after clearing the timber and the property on Youngs Drive. During the time of construction, Brother Greene drove back and forth almost daily from Hendersonville faithfully working on the house of God. Along with pastoring the church, Brother Greene did extensive missionary work, making 90+ missionary endeavors up until his home going in November 1991! The church’s mission has always been and still is “To go or to send someone!” After Brother Greene’s homegoing in 1991, Brother Dan Daisley stepped into the pastor position. Brother Dan had worked with Brother Greene since 1964, traveling abroad and across the country preaching,teaching, and otherwise encouraging the brethren wherever the Lord would lead them. Brother Dan played the organ and piano many years, as well as taught adult Sunday School all the years before taking the pastorate of the church. Brother Dan went home to be with The Lord in October 2007. Since that time, Brother Joseph Greene was placed as pastor and has continued the vision to go or to send someone, having made a number of missionary trips since becoming pastor.

Our new church, at 207 US64 Highway in Ruth, was built under Brother Dan’s tenure as pastor after God spoke a direct word to the church from a visiting missionary. The message “Build My House” was so direct and timely that it moved the congregation to action and God blessed us with a beautiful house to the glory of Jesus Christ. 2012 will be our Jubilee year (50) in service to Our Lord Jesus Christ as a Tabernacle where believers can gather and fellowship around the Word of God as revealed in this end time season.

You are welcome to come and worship with us any time you are in the area or if you are local and would love to be a part of a mission minded congregation we would be glad to have you worship with us.